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Very excited to attend Arisia (Jan 12-15) for the first time this year. I’ll be around Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I’m always happy to chat with new writers and fans. Here’s where you can find me:

Friday, January 12th

5:30pm   The Weird, Weird West

*Westworld* and *Wynonna Earp* are a couple of recent examples of a longtime trend in media towards mixing the classic cowboy setup with science fiction, horror, or fantasy elements. With *The Dark Tower*, *Jonah Hex*, *Firefly*, and countless more, we’ll piece together what it is about the Old West that lends itself so well to adding SF/F elements, as well as covering some of our favorites!

8:30pm   Dragons!!!

Why do we love dragons so much? What things about dragons are consistent across different mythos, and what specific quirks of the dragons of different traditions most appeal to you? And we will hear from each of our panelists about what sort of dragon would they be and why!

Saturday, January 13th

11:30am   Young Adult Fiction Reading

Authors will be reading from their own original works of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and even a few bedtime tales

Sunday, January 14th

11:30am   You Got Your Science in My Magic

We often talk about science fiction, realism, and fantasy as separate things, but the genre borders are awfully fuzzy. In stories, what does magic look like in a modern setting? We’ll explore what happens when science collides with magic, especially when that magic isn’t rule-based, and books or movies where magic and non-handwavy science work together.

5:30pm   In Praise of Villainesses and Antiheroines

We love villains. We love compelling, break-out, has a point villains and badass antiheroes who look cool and say cool one liners. The problem is, the list of those compelling bad (and sort of bad) guys are all… guys. Those femme-of-center villains and antiheroes that do appear often find themselves in the love-to-hate, rather than the hate-to-love. Our panelists will be exploring compelling villainesses and why they deserve more appreciation than they often receive.


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